Flickr test

Hooray!! It works. The site can now display content directly from Flickr. Still, I'm not fully conviced this it the way to go. With a picture on the first page the page loads very slow. Have to figure out if this is because of some maintenance at the server I'm hosted at or if it's just the module. Mmm. maintenance is starting tomorrow. So I'll wait some days, but I'm not fully conviced yet.



After a lot of thinking I've decided to start using Flickr. Reason is my available webspace at the Zichtbaar server is getting less and less. I had to choose between removing pictures or finding an alternative solution. Since updating the pictures in the current website wasn't really to my liking as well, I've decided to start using Flickr.


So far so good. I wasn't very eager to put my pictures beyond my control, I'd rather stay in control over who is able to get to my pictures. But Flickr has many options, and also gives a nice platform to show your pictures and get inspiration form others as well.


At the moment I'm busy sorting and uploading onto Flickr. When I'm done, I want to make a connection tot the wesbite. There are a lot of possibilities to integrate Flickr into the Joomla website. The big advantage is when I update Flickr, the website is update as well. That saves me a lot of trouble. Unfortunately I have to say gooodbye to Expose. I still find it one of the best looking galleries. Too bad a Flickr connection isn't possible. The alternative sollution probably isn't as slick as it is now, but it's becomes a lot easier to add some pictures. Once updated in Flickr, Zichtbaar is updated as well.


I don't know yet when I'll be making the new connection. First I have to find out what tools to use. And then it has to be installed as well...

South Africa, Swaziland and Mauritius uploaded
With the website online, it was time to get some good pictures online as well. Today I finished sorting and uploading the pictures I took in South Africa, Swaziland and Mauritius during the summer of 2008. While mostly wildlife and nature pictures, I got a few pictures in other albums as well. See for yourself in the picture section. More pictures will be added later on.
USA added

Pictures of the USA have been added to the gallery. These pictures were taken during the summer of 2007. I travelled from San Francisco to LA, Grand Cayon and back again. Of course many different locations were visited during this journey. See for yourself in the photo gallery. online
It has taken me a long time to complete it. Not because it was too difficult, but just because I didn't take the time to create it. Of course I must say that Joomla with all its components made it really easy to finally finish it. Take a look around, and let me know what you think of it. The most important part of the site is of course the selection of photos. This was the initial drive to get this site online. Don't exepect a lot of news here at the home site, but I might use this section to let visitors know when I updated or add some pictures.